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Design your own Tropical Hangout in a few simple steps!


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Example colour combination to experience it yourself!

Design your own Tropical Hangout

Design your own luxury outdoor furniture

You can design your own Tropical Hangout on this page. First, you choose the type of construction. Then you determine the color sleeve of the construction. When you have done this, you can specify what type of Hammocks you want to order. For the Hotspot, you can order the Cushions and such. Finally, it is possible to select the add-ons per construction, like for example the sunshade. In this way you create your own luxury outdoor furniture.

Most wanted sets

When you don’t have any specific preferences regarding add-ons you can also order a Most Wanted set. When you do this, you will automatically get the Most wanted set discount. The most wanted sets are composed for the Tropical Hangout | Hotspot luxury set, and the Tropical Hangout XL | Luxury set.


Tropical Hangout

Choose your own colors

For each construction you can choose your own color combination. For example, for the Tropical Hangout XL there are 6 sleeves and 6 hammock options, allowing you to create 36 combinations. This way you have for each corporate style a suitable Hangout, making the Hangouts perfectly blend into their environment. See all the collor combinations options in our Creations book.

Brand activation furniture

The Tropical Hangout product line is perfect to use to promote your brand or location. This already happens at many locations, such as Holiday parks and Resort and Hotels. There are also many beverage brands that promote their brand at A-locations via the Tropical Hangouts, for example at popular Beach Clubs or Events. Our specially developed Promotional Banner is perfect for creating your own Brand activation furniture!

Type of luxury lounge constructions

We have different constructions on which you can lounge all day. The Tropical Hangout | HotSpot is a lounge platform with a diameter of 3 metres. The cushions you can place on the plateau create your own high-end daybed. It has the same feeling as a luxury cabana. Other popular constructions are the Tropical Hangout | XL and the Tropical Hangout | Lagun. As a result, there are luxury outdoor lounge constructions for everyone.


Tropical Hangout Hotspot

All high-end outdoor furniture

Our luxury outdoor furniture lasts a long time, but in the course of time, it can always happen that it is good to replace some, for example, the Hammocks. It is also possible to add an add-on to your construction later on, for example, the Triangle Sunshade. This way you can upgrade your Hangout later on. It can also be fun to change the style of the Hangout over the years by replacing the sleeves and hammocks. This gives the Hangout a different look, and makes it great high-end outdoor furniture.

Contract furniture Tropical Hangout

The Tropical Hangout product line is perfect to use as contract furniture or commercial furniture. If you have any questions about this, or in general, please let us know. We like to think along with you to achieve the best result. For larger quantities please Contact Us for a personal offer.

Tropical Hangout Partners

If you want to rent several Hangouts for an event that is also possible. In the Netherlands we have rented the Hangouts ourselves and that was a great success. Check out our rental partner in our Store Locator by ticking the Rental company box. If you want to buy a Hangout from a local dealer that is also possible. Our partners are also listed in the Store Locator.